Tap is owned by Gordon I. and Diogo G. We offer a large number of projects such as TapTweaker, TapAlts and many more. All our projects are mainly made based on all of our consumers, to ensure things such as receiving the best service possible, acquiring the most skillful knowledge and most importantly having fun are reached in all circumstances. We want to make sure every individual that takes part in our projects are able to fully experience a helpful change in their online lifestyle and enjoyment in online experiences. We are very proud of where we've come and are looking forward to making a drastic improvement in all our services in the prosperous future. We ensure essentially needed support is offered. In regards to this, we have a 24/7 active Discord with a full team at our Help Desk that is always ready at your disposal, if you have any concerns whatsoever.

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The Team Behind Tap

Diogo G.

CEO of Tap.


Head of Staff Management