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Optimizing Gaming Performance

The various settings are tested and optimized based off your internet connection to accomplish a optimized connection. TapTweaker improves your gaming experience for any online game by reduce latency which results in a smoother gaming experience.

TapTweaker Remover

TapTweaker includes an Remove option which goes deep into your computer removing all residue from registry changes, various other tweaks and more. This allows you to remove the TapTweaker or remove anything else to restore you computer to default.


TapTweaker is compatible with all Windows operating systems except Mac (Coming Soon). It is also compatible on all Minecraft Versions and Minecraft Clients such as CheatBreaker, OCMC, Badlion Client and etc.

TapTweaker Showcase

This video shows how beautifully TapTweaker performs for games such as Minecraft, Fortnite, CSGO and many more online games.

  • Hit Detection

    Better Hit Detection allows you to get smoother latency in games which results in better gaming performance. Delayed Hit Detection allows you to gain a delayed avantage which is useful in certain games such as Minecraft.

  • Mouse Tweaks

    Mouse tweaks remove windows default accelerations which result in smoother mouse movements.

  • FPS Tweaks

    FPS Tweaks change your windows OS, optimizing it to increase gaming performance.

What is TapTweaker?

TapTweaker is an advanced program which optimizes Windows based computers by tweaking it in various ways. There are many ways TapTweaker accomplishes this is by going into various parts of the computer and tweaking codes optimized based on your connection to achieve an smooth gaming experience. Some parts of the various tweaks are network tweaks, registry tweaks, mouse tweaks, fps tweaks and many more.

We plan to offer MAC compatibility soon. MAC compatibility will consist of various tweaks that have not yet been discovered. TapTweaker wants all OS users to have the best gaming experience!

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Terms of Service

Keep your private parts hidden!

You are not allowed to share your TapTweaker with anyone. If your access code is public, we will disable your access to TapTweaker and you wouldn't be able to use it. Refunds will not be given.


Unfortunately we are not able to offer refunds. All purchases are final. If you have any issues, Contact Us: [email protected]

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    "I vouch for TapTweaker. Before I took so much knockback now I take none. It's insane!"

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